Czech company will use space technology to capture CO2 in buildings

One of the key challenges in space exploration is sustaining life on long-term manned space missions. An initiative of the European Space Agency, the Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative (MELiSSA), is exploring the technologies needed for long-term human survival in space.

ESA Technology Broker presented the possibility of using these technologies in terrestrial applications during the Space for Cities seminar. The seminar initiated a discussion between technology companies and local government representatives about technological potential of these technologies for sustainable cities and architecture.

Following this discussion, AG Data City, which is a company dealing with air, weather and microclimate monitoring, prepared a collaborative project with Airbus. This involves the terrestrial use of technology capturing atmospheric CO2 from the space station environment. CO2 can be reused for plant growing.

AG Data City will offer this technology adapted for buildings to architects and building and facility managers. The benefits will be a healthier indoor environment, improved sense of well-being and improved cognitive function for residents. In addition, pilot projects can receive funding through cooperation with the City of Prague.

Is the project interesting for you or want to observe its development? You can leave your feedback to AG Data City using the questionnaire here (Czech only).


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