ESA TB launches new call for ESA Spark Funding

The European Space Agency (ESA) Technology Broker has initiated a fresh call for Spark Funding in the Czech Republic. Designed to accelerate technology transfer from space to non-space sectors but also vice versa, Spark Funding offers €75,000 to SMEs, startups, and research institutions for an adaptation of space technologies. With a focus on fostering innovation and market entry, the funding able to support various projects, spanning diverse industries such as agriculture, energy, and healthcare. This time the deadline closes on the 5th September 2024.

Applicants are encouraged to engage with the Technology Broker before submission to ensure alignment with program objectives. Selected projects undergo evaluation by a specialized Tender Evaluation Board (TEB), with funding disbursed in two installments upon successful completion. ESA's Spark Funding initiative underscores its commitment to driving technological innovation and fostering collaboration between space and terrestrial industries, propelling forward a future where space technologies address real-world challenges. Don't hesitate to apply!

ESA Spark Funding dedicated page here.

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