Polymeric systems for potting and encapsulation of hi-tech electronic parts

Czech pressure sensor and manufacturer BD Sensors has acquired a new potting and encapsulation material for electronic components using technology from Czech research and development company TOSEDA.

TOSEDA, a long-term client of Technology Centre Prague, has offered its production programme of innovative materials through the ESA Technology Broker project. BD Sensors responded to the offer by having a polymer system developed to encapsulate the electrical components of its pressure sensors.

Technology transfer was supported as a demonstration project and the transfer was completed. Its value was €45,000 and this represents TOSEDA’s additional sales up to 5% of turnover and BD Sensors’ additional sales up to 1% of turnover.

TOSEDA’s flexible casting resin system for electronic applications
TOSEDA’s 2K elastomeric system (20 kg) for semi-pilot testing
TOSEDA’s highly thermally conductive elastomeric system
TOSEDA’s flexible (left) and rigid (right) casting resin system for electronic applications